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Save money with our excellent specials

Find great ways to save on high quality car washing and enjoy those EXTRA SERVICES that set us apart - at Auto Shine Car Wash.  Call or visit us today to start saving!

Our specials and extra services

Hand Wand Bay - Full Wheel Deal offers $7 worth of tokens for only $5. Tokens work in both the hand wand base and the vacuums


Bonus Time offered after the first $3 inserted


$ Changer randomly dispenses Golden Bonus Tokens for extra wash time


AUTOMATIC BAY:  Early Bird Special - saves 50 cents off before 9:00 AM daily


Tuesday Special - $2 off any wash package offered all day on Tuesdays


6 packs of washes for the price of 5 washes


Free Vacuum tokens with each wash


Free Wonder Waffer air freshener with top 3 packages (Super Shine, Ultimate and Double Deluxe) by request in the laundromat (not automatically dispensed)


Courtesy Towels available - clean wet towels for wiping down your dashboard and cleaning interior of vehicle


"Bugs Off" protein based pre-spray available


Plush terrycloth drying towels available for use on the exterior of your vehicle for that perfect shine

Call us today to learn more!


Get 6 packs of washes for the price of 5!

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